Cape Cod Beaches

Cape Cod National Seashore.

Approximately 27,000 acres of uplands from the Southern tip of Monomoy Island off Chatham to Provincetown comprise the Cape Cod National Seashore. A bill, signed by President John F. Kennedy in 1961 ensured the conservation and preservation of some of the area's most beautiful natural surroundings as well as approximately 30 miles of the finest seashore on the Atlantic Coast. Eastham is considered the "Gateway to the National Seashore" with the Salt Pond Visitors Center, the Nauset Marsh Hiking Trails and two beaches, Coast Guard and Nauset Light.
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Coast Guard Beach.

"Dr. Beach" (who is becoming increasingly better known these days) rated Coast Guard Beach as one of the "Top Ten Beaches In The World". Of the several things that this property can boast of, being located 5 minutes from one of the top ten beaches in the world is definitely one of them.  

Here is the article for your view Coast Guard Beach is a prime swimming beach during the summer season. From mid-June to Labor Day, the parking lot at this location is closed, and access is provided by shuttle bus from the Little Creek parking area (across from the Doane Picnic Area).

Although the parking lot at Coast Guard Beach is open the remainder of the year, parking is limited. It is also a good area to hike along the outer beach, and observe long-shore transport of sand (through wind and wave action), coastal erosion, and dune building barrier beach processes. Coast Guard Beach is located 1 ½ miles East on Nauset and Doane Roads (on road to beach from Salt Pond Visitor Center). Look for brown and white signs. [Top]
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Nauset Lighthouse Beach.

Located one mile north of Coast Guard Beach on Ocean View Drive in Eastham, this area is the first visible portion of the glacial scarp (cliff) that drains from east to west between Eastham and Truro.  [Top]
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Cape Cod Bay Beaches.

The western border of Eastham is lined with six miles of beautiful beaches overlooking Cape Cod Bay. Just as magical as the National Seashore, Cape Cod Bay offers calmer and warmer waters, amazing flats at low tide and breathtaking sunsets. The most notable and largest Eastham bay beach is First Encounter, the location where the native Indians first encountered the pilgrims in 1620.  [Top]
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Rock Harbor.

Rock Harbor is a small beach and marina on Orleans' Cape Cod Bay shore, known for the best sunsets on the Cape. Extensive low tide sand flat exposure, up to a half-mile
offshore in some areas, and acres of sand bars are a veritable playground for everyone. Rock Harbor conjures images of magical sunsets, romance, beauty, nature, good memories, kids making sand castles at low tide, and deep thoughts.  [Top]
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